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Here is a preview of our confirmed 2018 Programming…for descriptions and more information click here

Sacred, Wild, and Loved: Amba Movement for Women
Presenter: Samantha Rea & Meghan Mahealani

Indigo Plant Magic
Presenter: Sasha Huff

Embracing Your Bi, Pan, Fluid Identity in a Monosexual World
Presenter: Nicole Kristal

Yes And… Speaking Up and Supporting Womxn with Improv!
Presenter: Morgan Przekurat

Hair Adornment
Presenter: Alyssa Hawkinson

The Joy of Masturbation: Erotic Recess
Presenter: Laura Bogush 

Reiki Bloom, Rooted Healings
Presenter: Amber Arrigotti

Writing Erotica for Self Discovery
Presenter: Arielle Egozi & Louise Head


A portion of our proceeds is going to Rock ‘N Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles!

MOTHERSHIP wants to continue to bring you the best in womxn-run errythang. That includes making our event accessible, high quality and diverse. For these reasons, we are bringing MOTHERSHIP ’18 back to Los Angeles for one, BIG, day-to-night festival event September 22nd, in Los Angeles.

MOTHERSHIP ’18 is excited to partner with the first event Los Angeles Women’s Week (Sept. 16-22) and will serve as it’s official finale event. Check their schedule for a week full of special events for women by women and don’t miss MOTHERSHIP 2018. It’s all in LA!