What Others Are Saying

“Out of all the festivals we’ve been to this year, MOTHERSHIP has proven to be the most empowering.” – NYLON

“We don’t do VIP.” – On Our Moon

“Cool without trying too hard. Which is tough to come by these days.” – Dopes on the Road

“MOTHERSHIP is back and ready to recreate that safe space for all women.” – MissBish

“Yes, music and arts are important, but what are truly at the center of the event are intersectionality, equal representation, and a mission to promote a positive self-image.” – Frank Newsletter

“Most bad ass female-driven festival in the world” – Raw Femme

“Festival community’s conversations were populated by the sentiment, “I wish I never left MOTHERSHIP.” Now, at least, they can make plans to come back.” – NYLON

“It is no surprise that women are continuing to challenge the status quo in every way they can find. Founder of the Mothership Festival, Laura Wise is no exception to this movement.” – Trend Prive Magazine

“A festival like Mothership is very needed.” – Girl Talk HQ

“A multi-day format amplified bonding within our community and gave us more time to have lots of events and workshops as well as two nights of kickass musical lineups.” – Posture Magazine

“There is a place where all who identify as women can go, commune, camp, collaborate, and celebrate. It appears once a year and, for now, only in Coachella Valley for three days and two nights. This campground, which caters to women of all levels of outdoor experience, boasts drum circles, yoga to ’90s music, self defense, and so much more” – TAGG Magazine

“This Is The Feminist Alternative to Coachella!” – Global Citizen

“I created Mothership was because I couldn’t find any events like it,” Wise said. “I was looking for an event that didn’t exist—a female-driven festival with music and workshops; a safe space for women, that was also inclusive.” – GO Magazine

“It’s something around 15% of all festivals [in 2016] had all-women acts on stage, and it was something like 75% of acts were all men. The rest was mixed-gender on stage. I wanted to counteract that and really turn it on its head. Only women are on our stage. All of our acts are 100% womxn” – MIC

“These women will be doing everything from yoga to tattoos — everything you can think of that’s female-fronted. They’re putting together this effort to show everyone that we all have something in common: That we’re rad-ass bitches and we can make shit happen.” – iRAWniQ / LA Times

“I’ve never been a huge camper, but this fall, I went to an all-women’s festival in Palm Desert called Mothership. Founded and run by lesbians (and with an open-door policy for any person who identifies partly or wholly as a woman), Mothership had vulva-driving workshops, feminist stick and poke tattoos, campfire singalongs!” –  SLATE

“It’s feminist AND queer AND spiritual. You can do yoga , celebrate sacred adornments, and then go to a Kink workshop. Amazing, right?” – The Numinous

“I don’t know if this comfort in one’s own skin is special in the greater scheme of things, or just a special first experience for me, but not only by removing the male gaze and not having our bodies hypersexualized, I felt comfortable in a way I never have. Just the women letting it all hang out. It’s the first time I’ve sat (in the dirt) and not even thought about sucking my stomach in. I saw such a diversity in body types and a celebration of the beauty of our differences that I’ve never known before firsthand.” – Weird Sister

“She loved the idea of creating a festival for women, by women, that balances festivity and substance while giving excellent artists a platform to show their work and connect.” – Laura Wise on MOTHERSHIP (formerly HER/LA) for After Ellen

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