Here is a our Confirmed 2018 Programming…

Sacred, Wild, and Loved: Amba (Embodied) Movement for Women
Presenter: Samantha Rea & Meghan Mahealani
You are sacred: the presence + wisdom of your spirit You are wild: the instincts + joy of your body You are loved: the receptivity + power of your heart Amba is a practice for women to return home to the deep knowing and joy that reside within our bodies and hearts. The Amba class includes fluid movement, breath work, free form dance, feminine yoga, and a deeply nourishing earth meditation. For more information, please visit

Indigo Dying + Plant Magic 
Presenter: Sasha Huff
Learn the basics of all natural indigo dye with Sasha Huff. Experiment with varying Japanese and American design techniques, while exploring the beauty of the queen of all plant dyes! Each participant will leave with a fully finished project and basic knowledge of dyeing with all natural materials. Limited to 20 participants.

Embracing Your Bi, Pan, Fluid Identity in a Monosexual World
Presenter: Nicole Kristal

With only 28% of bisexuals out, it’s easy to feel isolated and like you have to silence your identity. This workshop will raise awareness about the daunting risk factors facing bisexual women, help you identify obstacles to self-acceptance, and teach strategies for combating biphobia. This workshop is a safe space for Bi+ people and their allies to come together, voice their experiences and build community.

Yes And… Finding Your Voice with Improv!
Presenter: Morgan Przekurat
Improvisation is an excellent way to get your ideas out in the open and to force yourself not overthink. It’s all about supporting each other’s ideas and respecting womxn and our beautiful differences. Improv welcomes all walks of life including all races, genders, disabilities, classes, etc. It’s also a fun exercise in teamwork with the added bonus of joy and laughter! Come support one another and laugh all the way through this workshop!

Hair Adornment
Presenter: Alyssa Hawkinson
Express yourself by choosing colorful fabrics to be braided/twisted into your beautiful locks

The Joy of Masturbation: Let’s Talk
Presenter: Laura Bogush 
Is your masturbation practice stale? Masturbation is an important part of loving yourself, whether you’re in a relationship or solo. Gain new ideas and tips for exploration that will enhance your sexual gratification. Let’s open up this socially taboo topic and expand our capacity for pleasure.

Reiki Bloom, Rooted Healings
Presenter: Amber Arrigotti
Amber will be offering short personal experiences with reiki. Ten minute sessions to get familiar to the way a session can feel and provide a little boost of life force energy to get you through the day of new people and experiences.Reiki is the awareness that an unseen energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of a persons health. This life force goes by many names. Qi in china, ki in Japan, and prana in India. Science refers to it as a biofield energy. When your life energy is low you are more susceptible to illness, stress, sleepless nights. Reiki energy is administered through the hands of the practitioner to the client. Reiki energy allows muscles to relax, and increases blood flow to treated areas, which then quickens the healing process.

In Conversation with Astrologer Chani Nicholas
Speaker: Chani Nicholas
Far too often healing is geared towards elevating attributes that are deemed valuable by the status quo. I believe that what makes us different informs our humanity and that our humanity is our greatest asset. I believe that what we have survived can eventually help us to thrive. I believe that we all have within us the wisdom that we need at any and every moment. Sometimes we need a guide to get there, other times we do it all on our own. I offer what I know in hopes that it stimulates and awakens others’ ability to access their own wisdom and healing. Many of my ideas, philosophies, and concepts have been and are constantly shaped by LGBTQ, POC, feminist writers, artists, thinkers, activists, and community members, as well as by my many brilliant colleagues, and folks that I work with both in individual readings and group settings. I aim to make astrology practical, approachable, and useful.

Group Masturbation – An Erotic Recess
Presenter: Laura Bogush 
Join us in a group masturbation experience, as practiced in Betty Dodson’s Bodysex Workshops. Our goal is to feel our own self-pleasure in a group. Orgasms may happen, but aren’t necessary to share in this activity. Bring a yoga mat or towel, plus your own vibes, toys, or lube if you’d like. Of course fingers are wonderful too! Wear clothing or not for your comfort level. People who identify as women or non-binary plus all vulva-owners are welcome.

Writing Erotica for Self Discovery
Presenters: Arielle Egozi and Louise Head
A safe space for participants to put words to their fantasies and create a personal erotica writing practice for sexual self exploration and expression. The intention is to help participants create more awareness of what they personally find sensual, sexy, and a turn-on. So many women never allow themselves the space to explore what actually turns them on, and if they do, they’re often confined to incomplete snippets and images in their heads. Externalizing fantasies through writing gives us the time and space to let our sexual energy grow and flow more freely, stepping into our own sexual power and confidence.

Plug into Bliss: Restorative Sound Bath
Presenter: Ora Aaru
While meditating with Sekhmet, Ora Aaru (light of heaven) was shown how to deepen the experience and effect of sound energy bathing. Combining an ancient way to use tone and a bit of modern tech, the Aaru Team can reset the chakras/glands/organs to their healthiest vibration. Created by staff at & Ora, Restorative Sound Energy Therapy is a leap beyond Sound Bathing. During this workshop Ora will uses vocals, tuning forks, singing bowls, the purest of sound technologies, metaphysical techniques + multiple energy practices to create a perfect moment of BLISS in your magical, beautiful, body. After 2 SoundRounds ™, in one hour, you’ll be shining like a pearl, girl!

The High Priestess Within: An Intuitive Exploration of the Tarot
Presenter: Sybil
The Tarot, in all its complexity and richness, can be very daunting for beginners. Sybil will guide you through the basics of the Tarot and empower you to navigate its depths using your own intuitive capabilities as your guide. Trust your voice and dive confidently into the enchanting world of the Tarot!

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability
Presenter: Eva Sweeney
This workshop will cover how to find queer-friendly and sex-positive aides, how to negotiate dating, talking to your partner about your disability, how to pick sex toys, and how to masturbate when you need assistance. This workshop is for both people with disabilities and able-bodied people.

Solidarity – It’s What’s for Dinner!
Presenter: kathleen jane
Join International Feminists for Animals as they lead an eye-opening discussion to help build solidarity around food. This workshop highlights different ways that feminist, labor, environmental, and anti-racist issues collide at the dinner table and how we can strengthen the bonds that already exist between our movements.

Yoga to Overcome Mind Obstacles
Presenter: The Strange is Beautiful
In this trauma-informed and body positive yoga workshop, learn yoga poses, meditations, breath work, affirmations, and self-massage for anxiety and depression, as well as what to do for panic attacks.
Led by Shannen Roberts, trauma-informed 500 hour yoga instructor, and founder of alternative self-help organization, The Strange is Beautiful. This workshop is based on “The Strange is Beautiful Alternative Self-Help Guide.”
Roberts welcomes all and offers modifications and variations for varying levels, injuries, and chronic issues such as arthritis and acid reflux.

Invisible Illness to Vivid Vibrancy
Presenter: Jasmine Romero, Jess Weiner
This workshop entails an infusion of energy healing and art therapy. Many of us suffer or know someone who suffers from an invisible illness everyday. Anxiety, unexplainable back pain, various painful physical diseases, autoimmune disorders, hormone disorders, insomnia, resentment, grief, a broken heart, phobias, traumas, PTSD, and depression to name a few. In this workshop you will work towards healing this invisible illness. We will work with a specific healing technique targeted for releasing blockages of the mind and body, then you will go through an art therapy process of sealing your work and transitioning to freedom. This workshop is also open to those who might not have an invisible illness but still are curious and want to experience a different type of healing method and those who have a visible illness are welcome as well.

The Mindful Glow Up
Presenter: Jess Kimbrough
A lot of times when we set goals we do it from a place of lack. Perhaps you find yourself saying “I would be happy if only had this” or “my life is lacking this”. This is how we have been conditioned to dream. The Mindful Glow Up utilizes self reflection, meditation, and radical gratitude to reach for your goals but instead from a mindful, abundant and present place.

Bringing Sexy Back: Pole Dance Movement Workshop
Presenter: Leigh Ann Reilly
Embrace your sexy side and have fun doing it! Learn hair tosses, sexy walk, body traces, hip rolls and booty popping, all techniques that help bring that sexy flair into your dance routine. You will even learn some mental tricks to keep your audience wanting more (if you choose to have on). This class is for EVERYONE! Bring that sexy back & walk out feeling even more confident & irresistible!

Toxic Relationships, Self Love, and Feminist Dating with MuMu Mansion
Speaker: Melinda Alexander // MuMu Mansion
Learning and teaching at the same time. Though Mumu studied art, education, and social justice at UCLA (B.A.) and NYU (M.A.), everything she really knows she learned from experience. A child of the movement with a lifetime of lovers, a marriage that ended in abuse, divorce, single motherhood, self employment, a shit load of healing, and trying again in love—She has learned a few things about hope and resilience. Mumu shares her journey to get free with women all over the world in person and online through workshops, consulting, long ass posts on Instagram and her new book, Getting Free; A Love Story. She lives in Los Angeles with her artist son and dharma partner and has a cute ass creative and healing space, Midcity Magic. Let’s be friends. 

Songwriting for Every Level with the Women of Fuck Shit Up Fest
Presenter: Merilou Salazar Mayra Cortez
Learn the basics of songwriting and collaboration with Women Fuck Shit Up Fest. We will be going over exercises that break writer’s block and enhance the flow of songwriting. You will have the option to perform your song at the end of the workshop and take your songwriting to a whole new level!

Witch Bitchery: Reclaiming Your Power with Plant Medicine
Presenter: Mandy Gough
Traditional Medicine’s roots grow deep in the soil of marginalized healing modalities dismissed, repressed and actively combatted within Western society; practitioners historically demonized as witches or savages. I want to inspire women to take on the ill-begat titles, by connecting with plants, self and one another to revel in the rebellious interdependence of reclaiming this empowering heritage! Join me for tea, talk and nourishing botanical solutions in revolt against patriarchal, privileged and self-indulgent wellness-care dynamics.

Crystal Power- 10 Stones to Rock Your World
Presenter: Robyn Vie-Carpenter
This is all about understanding how to fine tune your use of stones and crystals. This is where you get clear on how and why you’re using them, then creating a mantra to keep your energy focused. You’ll learn the 10 questions to ask your Self to clear away the confusion and choose what’s right for you right now.

Panel: Harnessing Your Platform to Promote Change
Eli Erlick
is the organizational director of Trans Student Educational Resources  and published author.
Alexandra Tweten, author and creator of @byefelipe.
Gabriela Herstik, writer for girl boss, hello giggles, nylon, media, writer, young next gen, published her own book, WITCH.

Panel: Creating Space for WOC in Feminism
Brenda Gonzalez & Melinna Bobadilla, Hosts of the Tamarindo Podcast.

There is something for everyone here. Empowering and educational, doesn’t have to mean boring. Daytime event schedule with times coming soon so that you can plan your ideal day at MOTHERSHIP!