Prabal Gurung: Fairweather Feminist or Ally?

We’re not going to lie, last year when Prabel Guring sent these shirts down the runway we were pretty peeved. Why? because they are are direct knock off of Otherwild‘s tee, ya know the one the benefits Planned Parenthood…We’ve seen a lot of knockoffs of this tee. But a major designer, staking claim in a runway format! That felt like a major no-no.

(Prabal Gurung)


In this same showing, Gloria Steinem sat front row. There’s a naive effort happening and we are curious about the direction of this designer. Feminist icon or fairweather ally?

At his Feb 2018 showing,  “his palette and silhouette were inspired by a pair of female-dominated societies: the matriarchal Mosuo tribe of China and India’s activist Gulabi Gang. The connection between the two groups of women is the color pink, and there’s a pleasing irony in that.” – Vogue

In light of this little copycat moment, at least he’s sticking to his messaging. Here’s a look at 2018 showing. What do you think?

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