Evocative and Anonymous: Who is Artfucker?

Artfucker caught our attention with their splashy photo-mashups with evocative themes. While spending some time in New York the MOTHERSHIP Mag team, had a moment to snag some cocktails with the elusive and anonymous, artfucker. And our lips aren’t so sealed.

MOTHERSHIP MAG: Tell us about how you began your work, what’s the story?
Artfucker: My mother saved a project from when I was 5 years old that read “I want to be an artist when I grow up.” It’s something I’ve always wanted. Fortunately, I’ve been able to make a career doing what I love. I have an extensive art background having gone to college for sculpture and pottery. After finding success in the digital art community, my current obsessions have turned towards mixed media installations and video/photo manipulations.

Going by Artfucker is relatively new. Sharing my work on a social platform felt terrifying and using Artfucker created a safe space to put my ideas into the universe. I would say Artfucker is my visual identity.

MM: We recently had a few rooftop drinks and the plan was for a friend of ours to pose in lingerie. Is this typical, do you play with what presents itself or plan your work ahead.
Artfucker: Such a fun day! I would say it’s definitely a balance between organic moments and planned shoots.

Most of my ideas initially hit me very abruptly, as visions. I do try to act on these concepts straight away, but more often than not, they are a bit too obscure or intense. So, planning ahead helps me to find the right person with the right comfort level to suit my needs.

MM:  You feature a lot of female bodies and mouths, tell us more about that.
Artfucker: I use women in hopes to change the way social media platforms censor content. Our society perceives the female naked body as pornographic, and the damage that projects onto women is not okay. The female form is a perfect canvas for my art, and I hope to help remove that stigma through my work.

I also use macro close-ups of body parts—usually parts of the face to tell a story. I love to use the human body as a tool to display my ideas or as a window into surreal landscapes.

MM: Tell us about your relationship with New York.
Artfucker: I lived in Manhattan for 13 years. I moved to Brooklyn last year to lead a calmer life, and while I am thankful for my time in Manhattan, I don’t miss it. I consider moving to Europe sometimes, that’s the only other place I could see myself living. But for now, New York still holds my heart.

MM: You identify as non-binary. Is the male/female gender binary fucked? Tell us artfucker! What are your thoughts?
Artfucker: If you think that Men and Women are opposites; you fit into this box or that box, you are wrong. The conversation around how people identify themselves is constantly evolving. So, YES! One Thousand Percent YES, the male/female binary is fucked!

It’s a social construct. It’s not real.

We’ve all been fed this false idea for such a long time; that men are to look and act that way and women were to look and act this way. That’s simply not reality.

If you look around, no one fits perfectly into those ideals. No one ever told me it was okay to identify between the binaries. I always thought I had to pick one. So, living between the binaries isn’t exactly new for me, but thankfully it’s becoming recognized and every identity is valid.

MM: You have done some epic interviews around your gender and your work, how they are woven together. Do you feel tokenized by the fascination with your gender?
Artfucker: No. I love the conversation surrounding gender. The link between art and gender is extensive. I hope to create visibility for those who may not be typically featured by shedding some light on different genders and possibilities.

We have been taught how to treat people based on their body and perceived gender. Think about it. That’s how people decide how their interaction will go. It’s so important to acknowledge that. Being non-binary, I’ve learned that your body does not dictate who you are. The Arts are vital, especially in queer/trans communities where fashion and art are used to express ourselves, and how we feel inside.

MM: You told me people prior to meeting you as artfucker, many people assume you are a man. Why do you think that is?
Artfucke: I am not sure why. I love that Artfucker allows me to be whatever gender I feel. And that is a very welcomed change.

MM: How do you feel about love?
Artfucker: Self-Love: As I grow into my identity, I live in a place of extreme self-love; a place I never thought I’d be. I feel connected to the world spiritually and mentally I’ve never been more in tune with my needs and boundaries.

Romantic Love: I am a huge romantic. I love hard. I have been a little apprehensive about dating after top surgery, but I am optimistic and hopeful.

Friendship Love: Years of getting rid of toxic people. I found friends who are my chosen family. I love them. I forgive them. I help them grow.

Heartache Love: If I knew then what I know now, would I do it all over again? I can never answer that. There will always be a ghost who is the baseline for everyone else.

Spiritual Love: I pray. I pray. I pray. I believe in something bigger than myself. I feel connected with the universe.

MM: What about recent accomplishments!
Artfucker: I had my first art show this past April. FourtTwenty. It was greater than my expectations. Vice and Ilegal Mezcal presented the event. We had to close the guest list after receiving over 2k+ RSVPS in just 24 hours. It was amazing to experience my installations and artwork live, in a crowded room, as Artfucker. I was blown away at the response. I enjoyed the anonymity of it all. Banksy style. Looking forward to doing another.

MM: Tell us about your signature cards, the Queen or Hearts or Jack of Spades tattoos, and what they mean to you.
Artfucker: Ooooh, she pays attention!

These are favorite my tattoos. I didn’t realize how much they meant to me until I was writing a piece for @milk about my relationship with gender and art. As I reflected back, I realized how early playing with gender roles took place in my art.

About 5 years ago, I designed a Suicide Queen (typically holds a flower) but now holds a knife to her head (normally called the Suicide King). And the Jack Of Spades (typically holds a scepter) but now holds a flower.

These cards do not exist in any deck. It wasn’t until years later, I understood how recognizable playing card designs were. Many tattoo artists have remarked at how they’ve never seen a Suicide Queen and I began to take pride in swapping traditional gender roles in my art.

MM: What’s next for artfucker?
Artfucker: Hats, hats and more hats. A good friend of mine just launched a new hat company, Pachuco Supply Co. As a huge hat connoisseur, I practically begged him to be a part of it.

I am currently developing a line of special edition Artfucker x Pachuco hats. I just finished the prototype. They all feature a branded Playing Card, which has become a something of a calling card.


If you want to learn more about Artfucker or cop their goods, shop here or follow them on Instagram

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